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“Our Modelling Failed to Anticipate”. Will Vulnerable Commercial Banks Sink the Economy by Acquiring BNPL Lenders?

In 2008, the global economy virtually collapsed due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, brought on by loose credit policies and the propensity of the public to engage in the acquisition of homes well beyond their debt service capabilities. Sub-prime credit

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Lack of Efficacy by Sinovac Covid-19 Vaccine Infers that Repression and Innovation ARE Mutually Exclusive.

Q. How Many Nobel Prizes have been awarded since the creation of the Nobel Prize in 1901? A. 919. Q. How many citizens of the Peoples Republic of China, the world’s second largest economy, a nation of 1.439 billion mainland

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Blurred Lines Separate the Investment Collector From the Investment Hoarder.

Successful collectors of investments earn above investment inflation returns, demonstrate discipline in their acquisition plan and do not accept external validation as a top-up payment in lieu of capital return. To my great chagrin, an impressive number of self-declared investment

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The Transitive Property of Idolatry.

In a historic debate, the Roman statesman Cicero was the first to publicly postulate, outside the sphere of mathematics, the transitive property that states if variable a = b and variable b = c, then variable a must equal c.

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Gnostic Large Cap Global Portfolio Return of 44.5% for the Fiscal Year ended 12/31/2020.

Most investors gauge success or failure of their portfolio appraised against conventional equity benchmarks. Historically, I have also reported returns and compared those returns against the conventional benchmarks. In 2020, The DJIA returned 6.9%, the S%P 500 grew by 16.1%

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