Visa Inc. (V-NYSE, $142.64) Reports 39% EPS Increase on 11% Payments Volume Increase for Quarter ended June 30th, 2018.

Adjusted earnings per share of $1.2 exceeds both street and whisper numbers by more than 10%. Earnings growth has been updated by management. The yearly forecast is that 2018 EPS has the potential to grow in the high 50% range vs 2017. Trump tax cuts are providing tailwinds of almost 9% and currency is presently providing a tailwind of more than 1%.

Visa management indicates that an anticipated EPS increase of just under 60% for 2018 fiscal year is telling, considering that June 30th quarter represents 9 months of the Visa fiscal year. Given the fact that Visa is now into the 4th quarter of their fiscal year, it would seem that the majority of investment analysts will need to materially increase their forecasts so as to meet the soft guidance issued by management.

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