Global Large Cap Model Portfolio 2019 Return of 51.6%.

The global large cap portfolio closed out December 31st, 2019 with a value of $326.45 USD per share. This compares with a value of $215.28 per share at year end 2018. The return for 2019 was 51.6% US.

For 2019, the NASDAQ composite index generated a return of 33.1%. The S&P 500 produced a return of 27.6% and the DJIA produced a return of 21.8% for the year. All of the major indexes demonstrated strong performance on an absolute basis.

The purpose for owning the portfolio is to enable investors to grow their net worth at a faster pace than peers, so as to ascend the rankings of ultra-high net worth individuals. In order for such a goal to be successful, the portfolio must not only consistently produce capital growth above that of passively invested capital such as index based funds; the portfolio must also outperform top rated actively managed funds available in the marketplace. For 2019, based on the return earned, the portfolio has, once again, achieved its mandate.

$1 million invested since inception (August of 2000) has grown to exceed $32.6 million at year end 2019. Compounded over the 19+ year timeframe, that figure represents an annualized return of 20%. Investors who demonstrated sufficient patience to hold the portfolio, from inception, have been rewarded handsomely for their perseverance.

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