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Bernie Sanders is a Greater Risk to Equity Prices Than Coronavirus.

The winning, by Bernie Sanders, of the Nevada Democratic primary in solid fashion, coupled with several other wins, in conjunction with the stunningly bad debate by former mayor Michael Bloomberg, suggests that Bernie Sanders has the momentum to potentially capture

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Geopolitical, Unintended, Benefits of Coronavirus (2019 -nCoV) Outbreak in China for Western Economies.

News that 40,000 plus persons have been officially diagnosed as having the newest strain of coronavirus in China have further widened fissures in both the Chinese economy and the government authoritarian model of dealing with the economy. All of this,

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Mastercard (MA-NYSE, $329.12) & Visa (V-NYSE, $203.56) Broadly Based Fee Hikes Planned for 2020.

The world’s most poorly kept secret, a sweeping overhaul of the interchange network fee schedule, has been disclosed by Visa Inc. A headline announcement to the media is that certain interchange fees, such as transaction costs associated with certain real

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Visa Inc. (N-NYSE, $198.97) Delivers a Resounding Miss on Fiscal Quarter Earnings for the Period Ended December 31st, 2019.

(Q.) When is a 10% EPS growth rate a miss? (A.) When that 10% growth rate is goosed up by a share buyback sufficient to move earnings up by about 1%; otherwise, the core earnings growth rate would have clearly

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