Novo Nordisk (NVO-NYSE, $99.48) Indicates Fast Launch of Wegovy, for Weight Loss.

From the second quarter, 2021 conference call:

“The US launch of Wegovy has been extraordinarily fast. Following a six-month FDA review, Wegovy was approved on June 4, launched on June 10 and available to-or excuse me yes, available to patients and pharmacies on June 18. Market access has progressed since launch and two national payers have unblocked Wegovy from their national formulary.”

“The initial feedback from patients and prescribers has been encouraging. Five weeks after launch more than 8,000 Wegovy prescriptions have been filled and more than 50% of these are new to the anti-obesity medication class. Now the overwhelming initial demand has put the supply chain under pressure, leading to temporary shortages for the starting dose which is 0.25 milligram. Novo Nordisk is committed to ensuring that any patient who has started on Wegovy will be able to continue on the product and production plans are being adjusted to satisfy the current demand.”

“What we have been pleased with is that we’ve seen 8,000 prescriptions in less than a month. If you compare that to Saxenda that took approximately four years to achieve that.”

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