BioNtech (BNTX-NASD, $453.65) Raises 2021 Net Vaccine Revenue Forecast Above Pfizer Indications.

In July, Pfizer, in its fiscal report, indicated that gross Covid-19 revenue sales were estimated at $33.5 billion US. This estimate was based upon contracts through mid-July signed with deliveries scheduled for 2021 totaling 2.1 billion doses.

Pfizer and BioNtech market the Covid-19 product jointly through an agreement covering most, but not all, of the globe. BioNtech maintains exclusivity in Germany, Turkey and China as well as Chinese territorial inclusions. The market was effectively valuing BNTX shares assuming that BNTX would receive roughly 1/2 of that $33.5 billion in estimated sales, or $16.75 billion.

BioNtech, which today reported their fiscal results for the quarter, now expects net total revenues for fiscal 2021 to exceed $18.7 billion. BNTX also expects that the remaining 900 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine capabilities available, or soon to be available, through its wholly owned and joint venture facilities with Pfizer, will be spoken for on 2021 deliveries.

Analysts will need to adjust their fiscal estimates for the remainder of the year accordingly.

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