US Pharmacists may be Permitted to Diagnose Covid-19 and Prescribe Paxlovid Directly.

Pharmacists worry another job might soon be added to their to-do list: If regulators approve antiviral pills from drugmakers Merck and Pfizer to treat COVID-19, pharmacists may be able to diagnose infections and then prescribe pills to customers.”

Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority typically does not apply under EUA settings (Emergency Use Authorization). Should a waiver be sought and approved permitting pharmacists to write scripts for Paxlovid and Ritonavir, the potential demand by the public, as Omicron spreads, could result in a demand-based run on the first 10 million courses of treatment to be supplied to the United States by Pfizer.

Those infected with Covid-19 and diagnosed at a pharmacy might be quite easily supplied with a $500 US + course of treatment. Overstatement of symptom severity, by those mildly infected or perhaps even asymptomatic, but that would greatly prefer to get over the infection more quickly, seems far more likely to occur during a harried CVS or Walgreens’ Pharmacy consult, than at a family doctor appointment.

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