Gnostic Capital Management

Gnostic Capital is the family investment office of
Randolph McDuff

In 2008, the Forbes Magazine article entitled “The World’s Best Investor Doesn’t Live in Omaha” declared Randolph to be “the Best Stock Picker the World Has Never Heard of” and named him “The Oracle of Manitoba”.

With an understanding that the untangling of skill and context is something a computer cannot yet do, Randolph unites fundamental research, empirical data and meaningful global insights to facilitate the building of his portfolio.

McDuff posits world class investments to be scarce. In his view, the correct identification of such equities is, accordingly, far more critical to wealth building than market timing. The results produced in the past two decades years have fully validated such views; portfolio returns have placed Randolph’s work into an extremely small list of investors worldwide.

McDuff’s prescient views have been featured in a variety of global financial media including Forbes,, US World News & Reports and The Globe and Mail, among others.

His efficient and highly successful methodology is featured in the book “The Warren Buffets Next Door”.