Blog Access

“That which we are, we are”

  • Randolph’s general commentary is posted on this site’s open blog.
  • Qualified individuals might, alternatively, wish to view McDuff’s Portfolio Model and read periodic updates, via exclusive emailed commentary. A paid subscription ensures access to the current global portfolio composition and provides an opportunity to directly connect with Randolph. Subscriptions are priced at $119,000 US per annum ($9916.66 US per month X 12) and include the opportunity for a personal meeting at a mutually agreeable location.

    At the present time, the paid membership has reached its limit and no new subscriptions are being offered.

    Randolph encourages all open blog readers to avail themselves of the opportunity to contact him with any questions relating to his blog posts via email. He responds to all questions personally, as quickly as scheduling permits.

    The 2024 global travel schedule for potential meetings is now in the planning stages; visits to Malta, Bermuda, Madeira, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Asia are on-deck.

    A contact list of intent will be maintained for opportunities to connect as is deemed helpful .