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Gnostic Capital Large Cap Global Portfolio Return of 5.7% for the Quarter Ended September 30th, 2021.

For the fiscal quarter ended September 30th, the DJIA posted a return of -1.9%. The S&P 500 provided a negligible increase of .002% for the quarter and the NASDAQ reported a negligible loss (less than 4/10th of 1%) over the

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Secular Trend Investing Demands as Much from its Investors as it offers.

“Don’t End Up in the Washing Machine”. This cryptic counsel, offered up by an impossibly lean guide heading up the overnighter to Punta San Lorenzo, Ecuador, differs from vacation hotel surf instruction tips, issued at beginner surf lessons taken at

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BioNtech (BNTX-NASD, $453.65) Raises 2021 Net Vaccine Revenue Forecast Above Pfizer Indications.

In July, Pfizer, in its fiscal report, indicated that gross Covid-19 revenue sales were estimated at $33.5 billion US. This estimate was based upon contracts through mid-July signed with deliveries scheduled for 2021 totaling 2.1 billion doses. Pfizer and BioNtech

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Novo Nordisk (NVO-NYSE, $99.48) Indicates Fast Launch of Wegovy, for Weight Loss.

From the second quarter, 2021 conference call: “The US launch of Wegovy has been extraordinarily fast. Following a six-month FDA review, Wegovy was approved on June 4, launched on June 10 and available to-or excuse me yes, available to patients

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Global Market for mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines may be Larger than Anticipated, Given the Real World Impotence of “Not-mRNA” Vaccines.

Recent Brazilian allegations of financial irregularities pertaining to the purchase order of Bharat Pharmaceuticals covid-19 vaccine are troubling. The Bharat order has been cancelled. Allegations that Bharat diverted approximately 15% of the contract price, on a 20 million dose

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