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Gnostic Capital Global Large Cap Portfolio Return for the Quarter Ended 09/30/22.

The Gnostic Capital Portfolio return for the fiscal quarter ended September 30th, 2022, was -3.1%. On June 30th, the portfolio was valued at $594.77 USD per share and on September 30th, the portfolio was valued at $576.60 per share. For

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Today’s Bank of England Bond Intervention Confirms Central Banks are Committed to an ORDERLY Economic Slowdown.

“The Bank of England said it will buy long-dated British government bonds to “whatever scale is necessary” in order to restore orderly market conditions.” Central banks are keenly aware that one of the systemic risks that can occur due

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The Costco Wholesale Corporation’s (COST-NASDAQ, $470.73) Self-Inflicted, Terribly Company Specific Q4 2022 and Fiscal 2022 Earnings Failure.

By Costco standards, the Q4 earnings conference call represented a woodshed beat-down. During the call Q&A, not a SINGLE analyst congratulated Costco on the quarterly result. Rather, the tone of the questioning, by Wall Street standards, was more along the

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Combating Headline Food Inflation Will Remain Challenging Through 2023.

“Use only that which works and take it from any place you can find it.” (Lee Jun-fan) Central banks, belatedly, have adopted THE key revisions to monetary supply in order to dampen inflation. US M2 peaked in March 2022 at

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BJ’S Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. (BJ-NYSE, $74) Reports a Meaningful Earnings Beat in Q2, 2022.

BJ’s Wholesale Club fiscal results demonstrate the true earnings potential of a membership club unburdened of stubborn and prideful marketing policies employed by the largest player in the membership retail space; policies that mandate the current market cap leader perpetually

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