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Tesoro Corp. (TSO-NYSE, $71.50): A Strong EBITDA Beat in Q3, 2014.

Tesoro Corp reported the fiscal results for Q3, 2014. On almost all fronts, operational performance nicely exceeded street consensus. According to representatives from the company on the conference call, other than a $74 million US mark-to-market gain on crude, operational

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Tesoro Corp (TSO-NYSE, $65.89). Investment Implications of a Potential Winning bid for Citgo.

Should TSO prove successful in acquiring CITGO, this will roughly double the size of the company. Citgo’s estimated EBITDA for 2014 may range from $1.7 billion to $2 billion. At an estimated purchase price of $10 billion, this would price

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Hyundai Motor Corp (HYUD-LSE, $52.50). Market Capitalization Decline, Based on Land Purchase Agreement, may now be Overdone.

Hyundai Motor Corp’s share price has fallen from a high of $80.75 since August 2014. The reason appears to be a reaction by investors to the agreement by Hyundai to purchase raw land in the Gangnam region of Seoul, South

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Kansas City Southern (KSU-NYSE, $122.72) Updates 2014 Guidance

At the Citi Industrial Conference held on September 23rd 2014, KSU’s presentation indicated that revenue growth forecast for the year could now be in the 10% range. This represented a further update from the guidance issued on September 16th that

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