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A Growing Sino-American Trade war has Limited Impact on This Sector.

News of the American determination to block Chinese foreign investment in key American sectors and companies will, to be sure, provoke a further response from the government of China. Should tensions escalate further, the logical Chinese actions will be to

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Adyen IPO Supports Valuation for Paypal Holdings (PYPL-$85.89, NASD).

The hotly anticipated European IPO for Adyen, an online payments processor with some major contracts including Nexflix, Uber and soon, Ebay; that public offering was successful. Presently, Adyen has a market cap well in excess of $14 billion. Such a

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Adyen NV (ADYEN-NX, 438 EU) Added to Large Cap Portfolio.

This payment processor acts as a competitor to Paypal and has a current market cap in excess of $15 billion Euro.

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Large Cap Portfolio NAV surpasses $225 per share on May 31st, 2018.

The portfolio closed out May with a unit value of $225.25 per share.

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