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Visa & Mastercard Raising Various Fees. Additional Revenues in Excess of $1 Billion Annually may Result in 2020. As Visa and Mastercard operate with a very lean cost structure, more than half of the potential revenues will, in all likelihood, fall directly to the EBITDA category and prove nicely accretive to earnings for the aforementioned firms.

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U.S. Retail Sales in December 2018 Declined from November 2018.

The US Census Bureau issued the December report later than expected, due to data collection issues as a result of the partial government shutdown. Typically, December sales grow over November sales. The decline of -1.2% over Novewmber may either be

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Netflix (NFLX-NASD, $342.80) Added to Large Cap Model Portfolio

Recent moves to increase streaming prices and continued employment growth in the United States suggest that revenue growth should surpass GDP growth. This implies that EBITDA has the potential to improve sequentially. As a result, the portfolio is adding a

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