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Gnostic Portfolio Return for the Quarter Ended 03/28/2024.

For Q1, 2024 the 3 US representative indexes posted the following returns. DJIA: 5.6%. S&P 500: 10.2% NASDAQ Composite: 9.1% For Q1, 2024, the Gnostic Global Portfolio started the year off with a valuation of $845.43 per share and closed

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Observations: Learned & Earned, on the 100-BAGGER Portfolio Return.

In a smallish western film titled Appaloosa, a US Marshall and his deputy are tasked with arresting and/or killing several criminals trying to facilitate a prison break. Preceding the battle is a typical build-up of tension, with the heroes and

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Eli Lilly and the “Oprahmercial”.

Oprahmercial: an infomercial designed specifically for the financial betterment of Oprah Winfrey. Monday’s one hour prime time special on GLP-1 weight loss drugs was a not-so-subtle attempt to put the thumb on the scale of the weight loss duopoly in

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Oprah Winfrey’s Decision to Abandon Traditional Weight Loss Treatments in Favor of Pharmaceutically Driven Options Will Likely Accelerate Prescription Flows for Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly.

Oprah Winfrey’s public statements, and decision to step away from the Weight Watcher’s brand, is as clear an indication of the shift away from lifestyle choices towards weight management, in favor of pharmaceutical options, as can be intimated. There really

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