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All Mexican Equities Should Brace for an “Obrador Discount”.

The election of a leftist president in Mexico slipped under the radar of most global investors. So attuned were we to the issues between America and China that a leftist populist who ran on a platform of fighting crime and

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New Mexico City Airport to be Cancelled. Institutional Investors Are Assuming Far-Reaching and Negative Implications for Mexican Investments. The first economic decision by the incoming president looks to be ill-thought out. The vote to cancel a project, already under construction, will not be received well by global investors.

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Broadly Based US Equity Indexes Turn to Negative Results YTD.

In the month of October, the DJIA, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ fell sharply with an unusual degree of coordination. This has resulted in industrial equity averages falling into negative territory for 2018; the NASDAQ is about even on

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