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Adyen N.V. (ADYEN-AS, 2,599.50 EU) Tracking to Annualize $1 Trillion in Processed Volumes by Q3 2022.

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BioNtech (BNTX-NASD, $453.65) Raises 2021 Net Vaccine Revenue Forecast Above Pfizer Indications.

In July, Pfizer, in its fiscal report, indicated that gross Covid-19 revenue sales were estimated at $33.5 billion US. This estimate was based upon contracts through mid-July signed with deliveries scheduled for 2021 totaling 2.1 billion doses. Pfizer and BioNtech

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Novo Nordisk (NVO-NYSE, $99.48) Indicates Fast Launch of Wegovy, for Weight Loss.

From the second quarter, 2021 conference call: “The US launch of Wegovy has been extraordinarily fast. Following a six-month FDA review, Wegovy was approved on June 4, launched on June 10 and available to-or excuse me yes, available to patients

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