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PBF ENERGY INC. (PBF-NYSE, $30.69). A Cyclical Addition at the Pullback.

PBF ENERGY INC. has been added to the Global Portfolio. Shares Outstanding 86 million. Enterprise Value of $3.63 billion. EBITDA forecast for 2015: 850 million 2015 forecast EV/EBITDA ratio: 4.4X. Proforma Shares Outstanding : 96 million. Enterprise Value: 4.70 billion

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PBF Energy Inc. (PBF-NYSE, $30.69). A Potential Move from Small-Cap to Mid-Cap.

PBF Energy Inc. is a pure play on refining in the United States. Two recent acquisitions, one of which is to be funded with a smallish equity component, have been announced in the last three months. The terms of both

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Large Cap Account Return of (1.44%) for Quarter Ended 09/30/2015. Nine Month Total Return Stands at +6.6%.

The Large Cap Global Growth account generated a loss of 1.4% for the three months ended Sep 30th, 2015. This compares quite favorably to all indexes in the representative sample. At the close of business on the 30th of September,

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Guerbet Group Sa. (GBT-PA, 63.65 Euro). Guidance Raised for 2015.

Revenue, for the first six months of 2015, rose by 12.2%. EBITDA margins now exceed 20.5% of revenue.

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Guerbet Group (GBT-PA, $62.25 EU). An Inexpensive Transformational Acquisition.

All numbers and estimates expressed in Euro, unless otherwise specified. Guerbet Group has roughly 12.2 million shares outstanding. The 2014 trailing EV is $820 million Euro. 2014 EBITDA was expressed at $67.7 million Euro, which is an EBITDA

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