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Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacifico (PAC-NYSE, $118.81) Passenger Tariffs for 2020-2024 Affirm Business as Usual at Mexican Airports.

A tailwind has appeared for the sector. The announcement of the tariff rates and capital master plans, approved by the Mexican authorities, for the coming four year business period, eliminates an element of uncertainty regarding business conditions in the Mexican

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Entrance of Michael Bloomberg Into Democratic Presidential Ring Represents a Potential Positive for American Equity Markets.

The decision of former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, to enter the US presidential race as a democratic candidate, spells a refreshing and hopeful sign for US equity investors. Until now, the democratic field of contenders are notable for

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Elizabeth Warren Walk-Back on “Medicare for all” Ends a Fierce Headwind for UnitedHealth Group (UNH-NYSE, $269.40).

A recent announcement by Elizabeth Warren, one of the democratic party front-runners for a presidential challenge in 2020 to the incumbent US republican president, represents a tacit admission that the democrats lack a cogent plan to reform the present system.

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Ken Kam Made Me a Better Investor.

Marketocracy Inc. founder Ken Kam passed away several days ago, at the tender age of 59, following a short battle with lung cancer. The world has lost a highly unique perspective in the selection of securities. After cofounding and managing

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Model Large Cap Portfolio Return of -2.8% for the Quarter Ended 09/30/19.

The large cap model portfolio ended the 3rd quarter of 2019 with a closing valuation of $280.83 USD per share. At the end of the 2nd quarter 2019, the portfolio was valued at $288.89 USD. The quarterly loss was 2.8%.

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