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Modern Portfolio Theory for Thee, Concentrated Economic Darwinism for Me. The Ultra Wealthy Employ Different Tactics for Equity Investing.

“Owning a Single Stock is Riskier than Holding a Basket of Securities, True or False?” The survey challenge question blinked impatiently on my computer screen, waiting for an answer; commissioned by a leading economic advisory firm in conjunction with a

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Global Vaccination Efforts by mRNA Producers Look to Extend into 2022: a “Narcissism Conflict” in 2021 May Lie Ahead by Desperate National Governments.

Announcements by Moderna of better mid-term antibody response than initially envisioned, coupled with massive supply chain shortages for the basic materials required to produce the vaccine and store it, I suspect, are gonna result in UGLY behaviors by governments and

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If mRNA Vaccines Can Effectively Immunize Against SARS-CoV2, Why Stop There?

From a business perspective, analysts looking at the high efficacy reports recently issued by Moderna and Pfizer, no doubt to be “surpassed” by other vaccine developers, will conclude that once a round of inoculations have taken place, covid-19 will largely

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BJs Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. (BJ-$43.10, NYSE) Reports New Membership Growth of 630,000 for the 3rd Quarter of 2020.

New market penetration appears to be quite successful in Michigan. The company is now guiding towards potential new store openings in 2021 throughout the chain; a minimum of 6 stores and potentially up to 10 are envisioned. This would represent

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BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. (BJ-NYSE,-$43.09). Think Costco + Manufacturer’s Coupons.

BJ’s Wholesale club is the 3rd largest of the warehouse clubs offering groceries and general goods in North America, with 219 stores as of . The company is roughly 1/4 the size of Costco by store footprint and about 1/3

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