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US M2 Money Supply Looks to Exceed $19 Billion Shortly: up 23.2% YTD .

Federal Reserve Economic data is useful to review on occasion, and the data sets are well worth the time for policy wonks. M2 money supply stats can be found here. These sorts of figures have set an exceedingly

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Palantir Technologies (PLTR-$15.80, NYSE). Will Tiberius Emerge as the Next Technology Lexicon?

Investors, throughout the Covid crisis, have focused, at various phases in the pandemic, on mask and PPE producers, vaccine developers, pharmaceutical and medical therapeutics. Every great gold rush in history demonstrated that the lion’s share of the spoils were not

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Collectible Equities.

In my youth, I assembled a fair number of silver and bronze age comics. The items were read sparingly, packed away carefully in several Styrofoam coolers and stored in a cold, dry cellar as I journeyed forth from my parent’s

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Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR-$9.08, NYSE): A Mercenary Anti-Hero for the 21st Century.

The portfolio is taking an initial position in Palantir Technologies.

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Gnostic Capital Large Cap Portfolio Return for the 3rd Quarter Ended 09/30/2020.

The blog model portfolio closed out the quarter ended September 30th, 2020 valued at $400.37 USD per share. When compared to the valuation on June 30th, 2020 ($341.04 USD) per share, this represents a return for the quarter of 17.4%.

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